Addon Save urls into txt

I often find my self in a position where I want to check multiple urls when doing linkbuilding.
There are some great addons out there that will give you all the metrics that you need to see the value of the current page. But even with all those great tools out there I wanted something different. I needed something so easy I could not find it.
I like to store all possible link opportunities before checking whether or not they would fit my criteria to send them an email of give them a call.
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Opensearch XML generator

The Search bar on the top right of your browser has been there fore quite some time now. And you probably have a popular search engine added as default. But did you know that your site can be there as well? I’ve created an online Opensearch XML generator.
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Seo Add-on Firefox

firefox seo addonFirefox addons, I love them but I never really thought about creating one for my self. Until yesterday! I thought to my self “let’s give it a try” How hard can it be… right? Well its pretty darn frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s terrific.

As I live in both worlds ( SEO and development ) the idea of an SEO tool seemed like a good plan. Even Though there are some good addons out there all ready I decided to go ahead and make one anyways. Continue reading

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Free affiliate dashboard Part1 CJ

commsion junction Wouldn’t it be great to have just one place where you can see all your affiliate income? See what actions there need to be taken and if a merchant is rejecting your sales? Get weekly or monthly notices in a nice sheet. Stop paying on a monthly basis for a affiliate dashboards and lets create one for free with one of my favorite tools out there; Google Docs.

Lets start off with Commision Junction. Before reading any forther lets create an developers key.
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Connecting with Google+ & Google Docs Part1

With linkbuilding its all about finding the right people. Rand Fishkin wrote a nice article about it called: Don’t Ask Sites for Links. Find People and Connect. Let’s make it a bit easier to find people by using Google Docs.

At this point there is no Google+ API (at least as far as I know) so we have to do it with the snippets from the SERPS. Meaning that can

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Google Docs Social media competition sheet

Whether it are Tweets, Likes or +1’s, Social media is getting closer to SEO than ever before. With a public Google profile you can see shared url’s from friends on high positions within Google result pages. But how much Likes or Tweets does your site actually have?

In my first blog post ever I like to share a Google Docs script that allows you to see how many Tweets, Fans and +1’s you and your competition are getting.

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