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Whether it are Tweets, Likes or +1’s, Social media is getting closer to SEO than ever before. With a public Google profile you can see shared url’s from friends on high positions within Google result pages. But how much Likes or Tweets does your site actually have?

In my first blog post ever I like to share a Google Docs script that allows you to see how many Tweets, Fans and +1’s you and your competition are getting.

You can download my sheet here: Social media Competition

Copy the file and open the spreadsheet. go to:  “Tools – Script Editor”.
In the new window, you will find all the functions i used for this script.

As you can see this is still an easy script and it gives us some insights in how our competition is doing. But how about expanding this script so it gives us weekly based notices and actually see if we are gaining more fans and tweets of the past weeks or months. See if a social media campaign actually gave you more followers. We will do so at a later stage when we will make an social media dashboard within Google Docs.

Please reply if you think I should fix something about this script or if you have a question about it.

Dont forget to +1 my very first post ;-)

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  1. Arno says:

    Great sheet, I am definitely going to use this!

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